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Since its establishment in 1961, Drisana by BTV Silks International has ruled the textile and retail industry and has become well-known for its gorgeous silk sarees. Our exquisitely crafted silk sarees enhance women's beauty with their dazzling zari embellishments. Classic handloom techniques are used to create these lovely silk sarees with the utmost care and perfection. Additionally, we provide choices for customized embroidery, allowing you to get more elements in accordance with your personal needs. We provide many types of silk, including Kanjivaram, Tussar, Pochampally, Paithani, etc., all of which are manufactured from yarn that is entirely spun from silk (Guarantee of Authenticity). Whether you're seeking partywear or a bridal saree, semi-formal or formal alternatives, these sarees enhance your value and bring a glow to your face.

At Drisana, the Sanskrit name for the "Daughter of the Sun", is where we fashion our sarees with dedication, desire, & affection to bring the best out of the women wearing them.



We at Drisana blend the time-honored weaving techniques of India with stylish aesthetics so that what looks beautiful on you also feels nice. We have sarees for everyone, from housewives to working women, for every occasion, generation, and price range, and we collaborate closely with our weavers to provide you with sarees that stay current with fashion trends. We only serve the exceptional collection because we have an eye for the finer things in life.




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