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Our branded silks & zari materials are exceptional because of their richness, exclusivity in style and elegance, real zari work, and weaving craftsmanship for that unique appearance and feel. These sarees are manufactured to last for many generations and are true treasures in their own right. Furthermore, we provide choices for customized designs, enabling you to add extra elements in accordance with your preferences, just like having your own personal boutique. We also provide certificates of authentication for our intricate real Kanjivaram zari work, vouching for our authenticity and elevating the status of women.



Drisana has a reputation for offering a unique and elegant selection that keeps up with the tastes of its valuable customers. Our unwavering commitment to providing you with top-notch quality, unique, and authentic wardrobe alternatives, as well as an unparalleled approach to achieving customer satisfaction, is the foundation of our unquestionable reputation.



Our experienced & creative team of professionals ensure that the deliveries are made on time and of the highest caliber. Our staff, including designers, weavers, artisans, supporting staff, etc., will continue to work relentlessly to create the most exquisite creations for you as long as you continue to love and inspire us.

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